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We hope you’re doing well. We’ve been busy lately scouring the internet for the latest and greatest in the Design Systems world, and we wanted to share our favorites with you. So grab a cup of coffee, kick back, and check out what we’ve been loving in the Design Systems space lately. We hope you find something valuable and inspiring!

Automation of Design Systems — Meetup by Into Design

🗓️ Feb 28th — 7 PM CEST

🌍 Online — Zoom


⚡️Design (system) automation next level — Thorsten Jankowski

⚡️Making the best Figma Design System — Mr. Biscuit

A virtual meetup to bring together the Design Systems Community and talk about automation of Design Systems.

Design Token
Design tokens will revolutionize the future of brand identities by providing a consistent foundation for visual design across all digital platforms and incorporating various attributes such as…

Speed Up Your Design System Documentation: How Chat GPT is Changing the
Unlocking the full potential of your design system with the power of chat GPT

Versioning Design Systems: Best Practices
As a design system practitioner, it’s your responsibility to understand and maintain the design system of your company or organization. One important aspect of this is versioning. Versioning ensures…

Typography tokens, done with the Figma Tokens plugin
A quick overview of how I create my typography in Figma in a simple, dynamic, and interconnected way, with the help of the Figma Tokens plug-in. Ratios calm us down, bringing a seeming order and…

Design system breakdown: checkbox & radio
Checkbox and Radio components typically share so much DNA, that when we prioritized them early in Castor’s development, we built them in parallel with a lot of shared research and specs. Here I’ll…

Demystifying Figma auto
As a designer, you might see yourself as something of a mad scientist, carefully mixing all of the elements of your designs to create a cohesive and visually striking whole. And like any good mad…

Design System V1: a somewhat ordered list of our
Lessons from documenting a design system on Supernova


⭐️ SimpleFlow makes it easy to create native FigJam connector inside Figma file, have fun! 🚧 Work on Desktop version only for now To use: Open SimpleFlow pluginClick the button to copy the connector elementPaste it into the canvas and edit it! Feature: 👉 Automatically update the position 👉 Add e…

Chakra UI — Figma
Convert your Figma designs to Chakra UI React components in seconds

Design System Videos:

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